Varrható termékminták

Új darab varrásába szeretni kezdeni? Megmutatjuk Önnek lépésről lépésre hogyan.

Christmas Star
Sew a decorative Christmas star using your choice of colours.
Pencil Case
This quick and easy little project will take you almost no time at all and will please all the kids in the family OR better still, why not teach the kids to make their own?
Easy Cushions

Dressing up your décor is always lots of fun. Whether it be for the bedroom, lounge or any other room around the house.
This easy to make cushion can lend itself to many colour combinations.

Giant toy ball
This giant ball consists of eight pieces which were embellished with the unique embroidery and sewing functions of the BERNINA 830.
Even those who are not necessarily fond of frogs will love this cuddly toy!
Decorative stitches sewn with the circular embroidery attachement are the eyecatcher of this bag. An easy project which can be realised with every BERNINA sewing machine.

The fabric combination of jersey and leather imitation makes this skirt so attractive. As the skirt has mainly been sewn on an overlocker your trendy project is realized in a short time.
The pattern is available in one size.


Kettő az egyben - Kedve szerint kétféle módon hordhatja ezt a divatos pulóvert.
A szabásminta két különböző méretben tölthető le kinyomtatáshoz A4 vagy A0 papírra.


Ez a táska a Ste Marie aux Mînes Foltvarró Fesztivál alkalmából készült a BERNINA workshop foglalkozáson.


Igazán vonzza a szemet ezen a könnyen elkészíthető blúzon a díszes szegélylezárás. A hímzőminta egészen könnyen elkészíthető a BERNINA hmzősoftverrel.
A szabásminta 36-44 méretekben áll rendelkezésre.


With its touch of gold sparkle, this linen jacket is both sporty and chic.
The pattern is available in size 36-44.


Just the place for a peaceful snooze. Thick felt and cosy-soft fleece are the right materials for this basket.
The Dalmatian embroidery motif is an OESD design.

The centre of this snuggly warm fleece is adorned with just a few embroidered-on elements. With the large embroidery area of the mega hoop this is very easy to make.
Dress for girls

Rough-and-tumble play is possible even in this dress. The flowers were easily embroidered with the artista 640 and the Editor Lite V5 software.
The pattern is available in size 104-128.

Exotic Rainforest Allove-Embroidery

All used embroidery motifs are to be found on this collection.

All used embroidery motifs are to be found on this collection.

All used embroidery motifs are to be found on this collection.

All used embroidery motifs are to be found on this collection.
Exotic Rainforest pillow

All used embroidery motifs are to be found on this collection.

From Tassels to Textures

Download here a new project description, a pillow with tassel stitches and an embroidery design from the "From Tassels to Textures CD."

Kozmetikai táska
Toilet Bag with Ribbons
Kozmetikai táska
Ez a kosárka overlock géppel készült, de ugyan úgy elkészíthető más varrógépekkel is.
Méret: kb. 15 x 10, magasság 9 cm